Pearl Tick & Flea Shampoo for Dog & Cat


* Pearl shampoo is formulated for dog & Cat to kill fleas and ticks . Pearl shampoo has long lasting scent and can also be used as a preventative against parasites.

* Apply and massage the diluted solution through all over the wet pet specially its paws and leave about 5 minutes.

***Information for shampoo***

Approved by - BSTI

Tested & certified by - BCSIR Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Trade mark approved by - Ministry of Industry of Bangladesh

Active Ingredient: CYPERMETHRIN 0.10% w/w

Benefits: Anti-tick and flea shampoo for Pet


Dilute clean water with the shampoo at Ratio 1 : 1 (Shampoo 10 ml mix with clean water 10 ml, for example)

Apply and massage the diluted solution through all over the well pet especially its paws and leave about 5 minutes.

Rinse off well with clean water untill the water from pet's fur runs clear (reapply shampoo as desire)

Dry pet's fur with clean towel

To protect your pet from tick and flea, we recommend to use the shampoo every 1-2 weeks or once tick and flea found on pet


Close lid tightly, keep out of reach of children, food, pets, heat and sunlight


DO NOT eat.

DO NOT let the product get into eyes, nose, mouth and ear of both humans and pets. /p>

After using PEARL Shampoo, always clean hands.

DO NOT USE the Product with sick or pregnant pet and pet during producing milk for puppies/Kitten.

DO NOT throw away the products or their packages to river, ditch, canal and public water resources

First Aid

If skin irritation occurs, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

If the product spilled to eyes, immediately flush with clean water to reduce

Irritation if not go to see a doctor with showing the product container, lable or leaflet."