Health now and always

Puppyhood is a stage of great physical and behavioral change for your dog. Caring for Puppies isn’t always easy, but with nutrition tailored to their specific developmental needs, you can help them grow from fragile young kittens to strong, healthy dogs. Our guide to puppy care has everything to get you started.

Puppy care guide

Puppyhood is a very rewarding time for pet owners, but it's also a time of huge challenges and steep learning curves, for you and your pet. Our Puppy guide was created with help from Royal Canin veterinarians, nutritionists, and partners worldwide, to help you and your kitten have a healthy start in life together.


Preparing for a puppy

When you bring your puppy home for the first time, it's a huge change for both of you. You can make the process much easier by making a few simple preparations ahead of the big day.

Get all the puppy essentials

Kitten-proof your home and yard

Find a local veterinarian for advice and treatment

Choose a nutritionally complete kitten food - follow advice from your breeder, shelter, or veterinarian

Make sure everyone in the home is prepared